In the field of system network management, CANADA EIGHT FUN provides users with independent copyright, in line with international standards of system network management platform, and provides foreign famous platform products and in-depth customization and value-added development solutions;

In the field of information security management, CANADA EIGHT FUN provides self-developed network security operation management products and network security services;

In the field of service process management, combined with the international best IT management practice ITIL and customer needs, to provide self-developed process management platform, while helping users to standardize the management process, optimize and assess the service level required by the business;

In the field of communication network management, it provides integrated mobile network traffic management solutions for customers in the telecommunications industry.

In the field of telecom value-added service management, CANADA EIGHT FUN provides and integrates all kinds of SMS, MMS and WAP products to improve user experience and enhance user viscosity.

Group information operation and maintenance support services, through the cooperation with operators, group customers, to provide customers with IT infrastructure, IT support system and business support system (including business process system, data management analysis system, etc.) operation and maintenance, to provide ISO20000, ISO9001 based on high standards of service.


List of products and services


SMS/MMS gateway

Enterprise SMS application platform

Universal mobile phone theme making tools

Mobile application development

Enterprise information service

Mobile phone software development

Advertising promotion services

Mobile website construction services